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The convenience of a well-organized, bright airy feeling, and easy to get to supplies is what we accomplish with our laundry room remodeling projects. Whether it’s to bring the washer and dryer up from the basement and design to build in another location or renovating your existing area for exceptional convenience Build It Right will work with you.

We have tons of experience revamping old laundry rooms, building out existing laundry rooms, and even converting existing rooms into new laundry rooms.

We can handle all of the big stuff, as well as the small stuff. We can build and install new cabinetry, add a built-in sink (or even two!), build custom supply closets, countertops above side-by-side washing machines and dryers, tile floors, add professional-grade backsplashes, and even add skylights.


Laundry rooms aren’t always just about washing and drying clothes. People tend to store all kinds of things in their laundry rooms, from batteries to flashlights to dog food.

So while you’re planning, think about the other functions you want your laundry room to serve and make sure you create room for those things. Many people also make their laundry room function as mudrooms; storage rooms for vacuum cleaners, brooms and sports gear; butler pantries; command centers for organizing family calendars and mail; home offices; craft rooms; pet rooms; and more.

The laundry room shown here was part of a new home and features custom cabinets, granite counter tops and blue and green tile laid in a chevron pattern.


He even presented for work at our home on Sunday!!! This reflects his core constitution of work ethic and quality of practice. I am deeply indebted to his abilities for solution and excellent reconstruction. He aligns himself with hallmark tradesmen, who are likewise as qualified and devoted to quality work.  I have confidence that the water damage will not present a problem again. This is relief. Additionally, Build It Right addressed other potential weak construction points and rectified them appropriately. There is no question in my mind I will be requesting Build It Right for ANY big or small job that I have in the future. Once you find the best why bother on the rest?

– Coleen Rosen, Oconomowoc, WI

Brian was honest, genuine and professional from start to finish. I greatly appreciated his ability to communicate what was needed and what would be overkill to keep costs down. I trust Build It Right Carpentry for my future home needs. His rates were very reasonable and he worked efficiently. Everything was done the right way, no shortcuts taken. I’m very impressed at his knowledge base and workmanship in our home.

– Kyle Ferroly, Oconomowoc, WI

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